TicketCMS vs Ticket Website

TicketCMS vs Ticket Website


Setup Fee: $3,500

Monthly: $350 - $4,500

Minimum Subscription: 12 months

Monthly fee increases with your ticket sales.

Ticket Website

Setup Fee: NONE

Monthly: $250

Minimum Subscription: NONE

Core Features: TicketCMS

Core Features: Ticket Website

Search Engine Optimization: TicketCMS

Search Engine Optimization‚Äč: Ticket Website

Niche Websites: TicketCMS

Niche Websites: Ticket Website

Ticket Partners: TicketCMS

Ticket Partners: Ticket Website

TicketCMS migration

Yes, you can easily migrate your ticketing website from TicketCMS into our Ticket Website system.

Contact us to find out more and start your migration to your new Ticket Website software.

URL Structures

TicketCMS allows for URL customization. We can match the same URL settings on your Ticket Website account, so that all pages remain accessible without any redirections or 404 errors. You can keep the same SEO optimized url settings.

Content Import

You probably have a lot of custom written content with TicketCMS. Providing you obtain a content backup csv file from TicketCMS, we can easily import this into your Ticket Website account. Ensuring no content is lost and it remains the same and in the same layout. We can even import global content settings.

SEO Settings

Any SEO settings you have for your TicketCMS website can be easily duplicated in your TIcket Website account in a matter of minutes.

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